my dad has a folder on his computer named Cool Dad and it’s just pictures of himself

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what if instead of gender we all had pokemon types

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My relationship with my siblings



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watching one of your mutuals have an argument and they’re winning


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so i’m a waiter at a japanese restaurant and today i saw a customer using tumblr on her phone so i went over to her and said  ”hey i saw that you use tumblr, do you know the tumblr user asian?” and she was like yeah, I used to follow him but I think he’s annoying so unfollowed him and i was like “yeah haha hes such an asshole right??” and she was so happy that I agreed with her lmao

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do u ever love a celebrity so much it makes you sad

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having “feelings” is ruining my reputation of being a heartless bitch 

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when ur sad always remember that u don’t look like you did in 6th grade

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Reblog if you read or write Fanfiction

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plot twist: i actually died many years ago this is just a queue 

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